Surf's Up!

Surf, Surfing, Surf Shops & more....

Florida surf is the best year round surf there is in the good old USA and nearly all of Florida's best breaks are local to the Bungalow. The facts that bottom is sandy and the water is also warmed by Mother Gulf Stream are just nice comfortable bonuses.

We've got friends living here who lived and surfed for most of their lives in California and say that they get more good days of surf annually here in Brevard County then they ever did in California. The Bungalow is two blocks from the world famous break at the Indialantic Boardwalk (although I think the break right in front of the Bungalow is better!), and Sebastian Inlet, where world contests are regularly held, is just down the beach. There are also dozens of lesser know, but just as good breaks all along our coast, so you never run into the agro surf creeps that California has gotten so famous for. The reason is that Florida is just a big sand spit, so the entire coast is a break. Mostly we've got two channels for surf breaks. The shore break, where you can skim board, body board and catch some great curls as the surf jumps up only a few feet from the beach and then there's the outside channel where the bigger swells break. There's plenty fo surf for everyone, the bottom is all sand, AND the water is WARM!!!!!!

Plus the best place to see a Space Shuttle launch is all alone and looking east while you're cutting across a beautiful curling face of real warm water.

Life can be VERY good at our beach!

We've got a half dozen little surf shops within a mile of the Bungalow and all of them are full of nice folks who will be glad to point you to a favorite break or help with lessons and equipment. Here's a few of the local best. Tell them the Beach Bungalow sent you, and then duck. (Just kidding :), but you can't be too carelful with the fun loving surfrats. A surfer's sense of humor can get pretty strange after a good day in the water. )

Surfing and Water Safety lessons: George at has been teaching surfing here longer than anyone and can get just about anyone up and surfing in no time. He's also got lots of info on water safety and is great with kids. Contact him about lessons and turn the kids (or you) into surfers. It's great fun!

Surfrider Foundation - There isn't much more to say about this great organization, other than, if you give a damn about the oceans we all love and love to play in, JOIN TODAY!

The Longboard House - Rumored to be the most extensive collection of long boards in the world, and I wouldn’t doubt it for a second. The showroom is a mind blower, and they rent or sell everything you need to hit the surf.

The Groove Tube - If there is a latest cool trend in anything from board shapes to music or body piercing, you’ll find out about it here first.

Spectrum Surf Shop - Spectrum has been one of the best small surf shops and making great boards since the 80s. Others come a go. Spectrum is still here. They're about two blocks from us.

Catalyst Surf & Skate - The homegrown inner sanctum of Mel Beach surf & skate. Some of the guys are even old enough to vote! Who knew?