"The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Gandhi

Bungalow Dogs!
We've had lots of great dogs visit us at the Bungalow. Click here for a few of their stories.

Dog Friendly can mean a lot of different things. Too often it means the worst room in the place though, until you come to the Bungalow. We intentionally designed our villas so that a family can come stay in a very clean place with their dog and the next guests would never know a dog had been there. With securely fenced gardens and terra-cotta tile and hardwood floors throughout the villas, we have designed our villas to be very comfortable for dog owners AND easily cleanable to our very high standards so that our next guests check into nothing less than one of the cleanest, freshest places they have ever stayed. We gladly host dogs of any size, and we even let their owners come along with them.

If you're traveling with your dog, here's a list of things you might like to know about.

The Satellite Beach Dog Park is just up the beach and a great place to let your dogs run and play with other dogs while you get to meet local dog owners. It's a nice local park with a lot of regulars. All the dogs are very well behaved, and everyone is very conscientious and friendly. We take our dogs there quite a bit and they have a great time. There's even a Small Dogs Only section so the shrimps don't get squished by the thundering herds. If you have interest in taking your pup there during your visit, please be sure to pack his/her/their? vaccination records. Heck, it's probably a good thing to do anyway.

Ben, our big goat dog rescue, came to us real young with arthritic elbows from being starved on a ranch and growing like a weed anyhow. As we put another 30 pounds of muscle on him he never got rid of his aching limp until we started him on glucosamine/chondriotin supplements, and finally Sea Jerky which has got all the joint supplement in a natural form that he and good old Jem need to keep them active and comfortable. And they love the strips so much that I'm tempted to try one, seeing as I've got a history of eating sea cucumbers anyhow. That's not to say that Ben doesn't come up limping now and then, but most often it's just because he ran into a tree head first or some other bonehead adolescent move, and he recovers WAY quicker from his foolishness than he use to. The folks at NutriSea have been nice enough to give us samples for your doggie basket and again, if you want to find it when you get home, just come here and click on their link.

Dogs on the Beach? Officially, you can't do it, but that's not to say that you won't see plenty of people with dogs on the beach in the early morning and evening. The big issue is during the summer months when the largest sea turtles in the world crawl up on the beach at night to lay their eggs. It's quite a sight, but digging up and fetching turtle eggs is a HUGE no no, and a federal offense. With nearly 20,000 nest last year, the chances of running into a turtle during an evening beach stroll are way to good to risk taking your dogs along. Turtle season lasts from May until September. During the rest of the year the beach is quieter anyhow and we can show you the ropes when you check in. Meanwhile the oceanfront lane right in front of the Bungalow is a great place for dog walks. With oceanfront sidewalks and boardwalks, and plenty of garbage cans, a stroll with your pup down the boardwalk for a morning latte is a great way to start your day. That said, for most of us playing with our dog on a beach is pretty much a dream come true, so the county has designated a section of beach not far from the Bungalow as an official dog park: Canova Beach Dog Park

We know dogs and can and will do anything necessary to ensure your stay at the beach with your pup is a pleasant one. We have personal relationships with good vets and all sorts of dog related things, so if you need anything during your stay, we can help.

See you at the beach!

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