Big surprise storm at the beach!

Wow!  It blew about 30mph for a few days, which is no big thing, but then it cranked up here at the Indialantic Boardwalk and topped off at 80+ last night with fierce rain squalls hitting like clockwork.  It knocked the power out and knocked down one of our big bird of paradise.

Because we’re the last building before the ocean, the only thing we share the transformer with is the turtle lights, so we’d normally be the last to get repaired.  So I drove over to the FPL service yard this morning at 7 and plied the boss with a bottle Hechiza chiltepin pepper hot sauce I brought back from my months in Mexico.

An hour later a truck miraculously arrived and we were back in business with cheers from our Canadian guests and the newlyweds who just check in.

Nothing like a good hot sauce!

Here’s what the surf looked like from time to time.