Labor Day on the beach :)

The section of beach along Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, and on down to Sebastian Inlet  is heaven on earth at this time of year.  Air temps in the low to mid 80s.  And the water is about 80 too.  Perfect.

What a great place it was to land after that long trip on planes, buses, taxis, trucks, through Mexico, but starting up in Port Townsend, WA.  2+ weeks of bouncing through mexican farm districts.

The trip through Sonora and Sinaloa was great.  Farmers are easy to be around the world over and Mexico is no different, maybe better in a way.  Family means so much in Mexico, and friends of family are nearly the same in the deep and meaningful connection the Mexicans I know take for granted.  It’s a very comfortable world.

It was nice to land back on this beach though.  On Labor Day I was lounging around in the warm Gulf Stream water, catching waves on a hot new Toobs Joker bodyboard, watching a biplane give us all a half hour air show of flips and turns with smoke trails right over our heads.  Great show for folks on the beach.  Amazing show for those of us sitting right under him in the break zone offshore.  Cool beach.

I pretty much had the waves to myself, which is a great part of this break.  All beach break.  Spread out and catch a wave.  No need to hustle or snake or milk a wave and that brings what’s really going on out there back home.  Just playing in warm ocean surf.

I love this beach.


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