Bungalow Dogs – Peso

Peso was the first Bungalow dog, well before the Bungalow turned into a beach house for everyone else.  She had an overbite that kept the tip of her tongue sticking out and she was the runt of the litter which made her even more nuts about food than the standard unhinged beagle.  Not just food either.  Boxes of Sudafeds out of my mother’s purse, lit cigarette butts on the street, a quarter pound of chocolate covered espresso beans at our Christmas party.  Any food within reach was always and forever fair game in her eyes. She got in the food bin once and nearly exploded!  We always needed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide around because you never knew when she’d eat something that needed to come back up in a hurry, like those espresso beans.

Still, she was one seriously adorable dog and everyone on the beach knew Peso.

When we redesigned the villas at the Bungalow, we definitely did it with dogs and their owners in mind because it’s not easy to find a nice place on the beach that not only allows dogs, but actually caters to them.  Now at least there’s one place that we know of that does.  :)

See you at the beach!


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